World Book Day and my Wednesday night

I’m alone in the house (apart from 3 sleeping guinea pigs), settled on the sofa and about to watch episode 4 of Being Human.  I have been looking forward to this moment since Saturday (ridiculously as Being Human has only been on my Sky planner since Sunday).
However, before I indulge myself in Annie, Tom and Hal’s world, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that tomorrow is not only the first day of March (yay!), it is also World Book Day.  Unfortunately (from my childless point of view) World Book Day is aimed at encouraging children to read.  Fortunately I know a lot of people with children!  Information, games and whole lot more can be found on the World Book Day website;
For adults, there is World Book Night (when all of the children are tucked in bed asleep) on 23rd April, details of which can be found here; (more on that nearer the time).
I have scanned the World Book Day website and was made to feel very old in that I didn’t recognise the books (except Where’s Wally – classic).  I didn’t feel that I could comment on this other than to maybe give a list of my favourite childhood books which led to a depressing search online of a lot of the authors of my long lost favourites (excluding Roald Dahl of course) only to find that the books were nowhere to be found.
However, there is a link to Quick Reads which are short books written by best sellers and celebrities with the aim of encouraging busy adults to stop and read, and they’re cheap!  Only £1.99 a book –
So now that I’ve made myself feel old, I am going to embrace my age and go back to watching Being Human, with its violent and emotional scenes and foul language. 

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