Where the fear can lead

Office Space.  A film.  Watch it!
I had a job interview today, at 3.30pm.
By 2.30pm I was shaking and I was hungry but too scared to eat anything because I felt so sick.  I hope I never have a job interview so late in the day ever again.
(I am blood of the dragon.  I am blood of the dragon.  I am blood of the dragon)
I found myself wondering why we put ourselves through such scary things (not to mention why is a job interview this scary?).  I hate the feeling of being scared and having to wait, I’d much rather just get it over with and then forget about it.
That got me to thinking about other scary things that we have to go through (which didn’t help!).  It’s amazing how many scary things are connected to some of the best moments in your life.  That job interview that will give you a promotion, the idea of going into labour that will give you a beautiful baby, going up and saying hello to the attractive person in the corner when they might be the love of your life.
What about a writer’s first book signing or interview?  How about standing up in front of a crowd of people and giving a reading from your book or giving a talk about your personal journey into the published world?
It’s a great sign of success but also so scary to contemplate that I’ve never really given it much thought.  And why should I?  Writers are supposed to be quiet individuals who lock themselves away and live amongst the written word.  Not the spoken word, especially not while stood up in front of a crowd.
In theory, we need to learn to embrace these scary moments.  They are a mark of success and can lead onto greater things.  After all, that’s why they are so scary; if we muck it up then it could all be over.
Writers (and job interviewees) need to learn coping skills in order to manage the fear (this is where the theory can fall down).
My personal methods are;
  • Distraction – I had a meeting at work before my interview which almost did the trick!
  • Logic – what will be, will be.  I can only do my best and I always have a Plan B and possibly C as back up.
  • Kalms – mine are buried away today so I forgot to take them.
  • Relaxing – deep breaths and shaking it out.
  • Not having an interview at the end of the working day – if only I had a choice!
So deep breath and remember that you are entitled to this success!

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