Let’s get physical

Oh woe is the writer!
The majority of us have to suffer day jobs to pay the bills, enjoy time with our wonderful families andwrite (naturally), as well as a million other little things.  Just how do you fit everything into seven days every week?  It’s exhausting and such a headache.
On the other hand, you have enormous passion for something incredible, you exercise your mind on a regular basis and, if you’re up for the challenge, you can have twocareers!  Who else can say that?
I am embarking on the two career route, I’m at the beginning of the family path, I seem to have already stumbled down the housewife road (how did I manage that?) and now I’m about to start a new challenge to get fit, all while writing, editing and reading my way to being published.
Marriage has taken its toll on me.  After a year of wedded bliss I have put on weight.  Unfortunately this came at the same time as the clothing retailers silently changing their sizes (it’s a conspiracy), both of which have resulted in me going up a trouser size.
Well, no more!  I cry.
Yesterday I wrote out a schedule incorporating my day job (career 1), my writing (career 2), my wifely duties (cleaning, food shopping, cooking, oh the joy) and exercise.  I even colour coded it.
I’ve done this before without success but this time will be different.  My first ever spinning class is booked for tomorrow (gulp) and I’ve told you all about it.  So now I have to go through with it.
You see, that is another problem with writers.  Besides the fact that there is never enough time in the day (or night), writing is very much a sitting occupation.  Oh we might be running in our heads, but in reality we sit at our computer, day in, night out, tapping away.  If your day job is an office job, chances are you’re sat for over seven hours a day before you even get to any writing.
Physical exercise can clear the cobwebs from your mind.  It can help you solve problems and allow for a new or clear way of thinking.  Exercise is not just about your body, it’s about your mind.  Even if you’re just taking the dog for a walk, it all helps the creative mind to function, not to mention a breath of fresh air always makes you feel better.
Sadly, dog walking and housework is no match for my marriage weight and so I am bound for the leisure centre.  You never know, it might just improve my writing.  Wish me luck!

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