Tis the season

December is here and we all know what that means…Christmas!
Last week (yes, in November!) I was regaled with stories from work colleagues about how they had already finished their Christmas shopping and put their decorations up.
As I drove to work this morning I was dazzled by the Christmas lights adorning houses and the Christmas trees looking warm and cosy in living rooms.
I have decided to embrace Christmas early this year.  Ok, so the tree isn’t up yet but I have turned on some fairy lights.  I even bought some silver stars on sticks and one of those Christmassy red plants!
Normally I avoid Christmas throughout December.  I leave it all until the last minute.  Why?  Because I’m scared of celebrating too soon.  If I celebrate Christmas all throughout December then by Christmas Day the magic will have worn off.
This always results in the same thing.  Christmas Day comes and goes and I don’t feel that I’ve ever fully embraced the Christmas spirit.  The day itself it over in a blur, December as a whole generally goes too quickly.
I don’t just do this with Christmas.  When I was at school I told myself that only adults stood a chance at getting published, so I didn’t even try.  It was only when I hit my mid-twenties and suddenly realised I was an adult that I began looking into the process.  How stupid of me.  If I’d started all this work earlier, rather than being worried about the timing, maybe I would be published by now.  (Although I probably wouldn’t be proud of what I’d published).
So this year I’m going to start celebrating Christmas now.  This minute.  I’m going to enjoy a whole month of festivities.  I’m not going to wait until the ‘appropriate’ time and I’m going to try and carry that message into the rest of my life.
Don’t wait until the last week of December to get out those fairy lights.
Don’t wait until you’re a grown up before you live your dreams.
It’s all about those cheesy, annoying quotes about living for the day, following your dreams, chasing the rainbow.
If you can do it now, do it.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Live it.
Eat Christmas chocolate log while watching a Christmassy film right at the beginning of December!  I’ve already had two chocolate logs and it’s only the 4th

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