No. Apocalypse now!

Wow, it’s been a whole week since my last post.  I’m definitely slipping.  In my defence, my silence on here has been due to desperately trying to finish the restructure and edits of my novel, Matter of Time, before Christmas.  At the same time (naturally) the day job has become pretty crazy – thanks to local Government cuts there are no longer ‘quiet times’ that allow us to catch up and of course it’s Christmas next week!  Yay!  So I’ve been arguing with online companies who send me the wrong orders…
Anyway, as I sit here trying to decide which time and day to book to finally see The Hobbit, it dawned on me that the world is supposed to end tomorrow.  It’s all everyone can talk about.  It’s in the news, one of the natural/discovery channels has a whole week of apocalyptic programming and the saying at work right now is ‘see you next year unless the world ends.’
I posted about this right at the beginning of 2012 and noticed that the date 12 months ago for the impending end of the world was December 23rd(potentially while I’m sat in the cinema).  My scepticism is poking at me (don’t worry, I’ll see a doctor if it continues).
In all truthfulness I am actually a teeny bit worried.  I don’t want the world to end.  I really don’t.  December has been an awesome month, so much good stuff has happened and the icing on the Decembery cake will be Christmas.  I’m so excited and apprehensive about 2013 that if it doesn’t happen I will burst (which shouldn’t matter as we’d all be dead anyway).
I live in the South West of England and, if you don’t already know, we have suffered from crippling floods these past few months.  The worst flooding in hundred years or similar.  After a brief dry spell, yesterday saw more torrential rain and flooding in parts of Cornwall (not near me but I did get wet).  I’ve woken this morning to more rain.  Visions of the movie 2012 keep popping into my head, the stories of Noah’s Ark play over and over.  During the recent flooding residents exclaimed on the news that this felt like judgement day.  So now not only is our weather getting worse, possibly a sign of impending doom, but the Terminator should be appearing anytime now.
So, in an effort to calm myself and my overworked paranoia, I did a little search…
It may please you to know that an earlier Mayan calendar has been discovered, as reported back in May 2012.  This calendar is older than the one being used to predict the end of the world tomorrow.  In fact it suggests that the world will continue for octillions (yes, I didn’t know that word existed either) of years.
So we can all breathe a sigh of relief!   
I can continue working on my novel in the hope that it will be published next year.  I can carry on working hard in the day job in the knowledge that it will all pay off next year (it already has – I was promoted at the beginning of this month!).
That’s not to say that I’m not still worried.  It’s still raining a lot and it’s not that I don’t trust the Mayans but I’ve never met them.  The world could still end.  And if it does, I will never get to see The Hobbit…

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