A two pairs of marigolds job

being-human-series-5-5784Before I start this post, remember that the second half of season 3 The Walking Dead starts tonight on FX!
Also, Game of Thrones is returning to our screens on 1st April!  Put it on your calendars people!


**SPOILERS for first episode of series 5 Being Human**

I was excited about series 5 of Being Human which started on BBC3 just under three weeks ago.  I recorded it, planned when I would watch it and then the news broke that Being Human was being cancelled and this would be the last series.

I didn’t want to watch it, not when I knew I would be losing it.  I was also concerned about the loss of the three original characters; Mitchell, George and Annie.  Despite the transition being beautifully smooth and the replacement vampire, werewolf and ghost showing a lot of potential, I was worried that perhaps this new Being Human would better suit the next generation.  So I left it on my planner and stared at it every now and then.  Yesterday I pulled myself together and forced myself to watch the first episode.  I’m so glad I did.

The episode opens with Hal, tied to a chair until his blood lust has calmed, feeling tortured by the mess that surrounds him.  I’d forgotten that Hal suffers with OCD and this was a two-pair-of-marigolds situation.  It proved a fantastic beginning – a reminder of the humour of the programme which is otherwise dark and gruesome.

The problem with Being Human, a programme about a vampire, werewolf and ghost trying to ‘be human’ and fit into society, is that it is impossible for a vampire, werewolf and ghost to be human.  It’s something that fans of Being Human will have learnt from the first series, and yet the characters continue to fight against their instincts and circumstance.  They never give up hope.  It’s a desperately sad situation and the humour lifts it up, adding a more personable angle to the characters and helping to show their vulnerabilities (which, ironically, make them very human but then again maybe that is the point of the show.  They’re trying so hard to be human when they’re already as human as they’ll ever be).

Not only had I forgotten that Hal suffers with OCD, I’d also forgotten that Lord Hal is an Old One.  Mitchell was wonderful; steamy, hot and dangerous.  Hal is something completely different.  Hal is humble, vulnerable and incredibly powerful.  Hal knows and has seen things that Mitchell could probably not dream of.  What I’m getting at is that Hal is a much more interesting character than Mitchell, although it pains me to say it.

Alex and Tom get a look in too.  Alex’s hopes of passing over are dashed and she is left angry and vengeful.  We are reminded of Tom’s sensitive upbringing and the loss he still suffers.  Alex proves to be fiery and stubborn, almost the complete opposite to Annie, but still lovely.  And who couldn’t love Tom?

The recession was reflected in this episode.  As an employee of local government, the  being human 5 crumbdepartment which deals with dangerous creatures, tidies their mess and keeps them hidden from society, being deleted made me smile.  Also familiar was new character, Ian Crumb, being told to reapply for his own position.  Poor Crumb, being bullied and ignored at work.  Now, be honest, who in this position wouldn’t go and rip the throats out of their colleagues if they discovered they’d been turned into a vampire?  Personally, I would have gone for the boss rather than the replacement but then the boss still got his.

We also got to see flashbacks into Hal’s life.  Interesting to see one of the Old One’s seemingly romantically involved with a werewolf…  And bringing the devil into the world.
Now I am completely biased as I have a ‘secret’ fascination with the devil, but I loved this!  I did, as I’m sure others did, guess that the old Captain was the devil so the shock at the end wasn’t all that shocking but still very exciting.

being human 5 ep1While I love and miss Mitchell, George, Annie and Nina, I don’t think they would be able to carry off a story including the devil.  This will be Hal’s story and he will need a well trained werewolf capable of building bombs and a strong willed ghost to help him.

It’s been a long time it seems since I was left with such a feeling of inspiration, love and excitement after watching a television episode.  I wish this wasn’t the last series, I have no idea why they’ve axed this show.  The writing is faultless, the characters are fascinating and the humour is wonderfully British.  But if this has to be the end, this promises to be an explosive goodbye.

I’m looking forward to watching the second episode this weekend and episode 3 is on BBC3 this Sunday at 10pm…and I’m going to try very hard (but I know I’ll fail) to pace myself watching them!

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