Winter is over!

daffodilYes, that’s right.  Tell the weather forecasters, inform the clouds, remind the sun (wherever it is).  Spring is here, for today is the first day of March!

Shed the shackles of winter and prepare for slightly milder temperatures and a burst of daffodils!  Hurray!!

March is going to be a good month, I can feel it.  For starters, we have a new blog header…

I’ve also finished a project (now with reader) and am about to start on the next novel which is very exciting.

Then in two weeks I have a week and a half off work.  I hardly need to tell you that I’m jumping round the room at the thought!
I’m off to Edinburgh for a girly weekend and Hertfordshire for tea with tigers.

What else is happening in March?

  • The Hobbit is being released in the US on 19 March which isn’t really news because the UK has to wait until April (booo!)
  • My local cinema is showing The Princess Bride – interesting!
  • 3rd March sees the final ever episode of Being Human *sniff*
  • Game of Thrones series 2 is out on DVD on Monday 4th.
  • Remember it’s Mothers Day on 10th March!
  • Jack the Giant Slayer is released on 22nd March – well, might be worth a go?
  • The Croods is also out on 22nd March and yes, I’m sorry but I might have to see this.
  • 30th March is International Tabletop Day, apparently, and I’ve been told to remind you all about it so that you can mark it in your calendars as a game playing day.
  • Speaking of which, today is Work Your Proper Hours day! Haha!
  • And to top it all off, March ends with Easter and much, much chocolate.

    So there you go, a whole month of holidays, chocolate and films.  It’s going to be amazing!

    What does March have planned for you?

3 responses to “Winter is over!

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    • Went to the cinema last night and saw the trailer again for Jack and I think you’re right! That one’s going to get a miss! But definitely want to see the Croods! I’ll check out your thoughts on it. Thanks! 🙂

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