Perfect end to a long weekend

It’s the last day of the four day weekend.  Every weekend should be a four day weekend!  It’s been glorious.  I’ve had a real clear out of our spare room in an attempt to make it a nice place to disappear to in order to write, we’ve had friends round, I’ve met up with other friends and I’ve eaten my own weight in chocolate.  Then, this morning and in celebration of procastination I scrubbed the whole kitchen instead of writing a chapter of my novel!

Last night we watched the penultimate episode of season three of The Walking Dead.  I am not amused about it, but that’s for a later blog post – probably Friday seeing as that will see the end of the third series.

No, today’s blog post is about what is happening today.  At 9pm on Sky Atlantic, to be precise.
Tonight the third series of Game of Thrones begins.  Hurray!
I did think of doing a recap of series two but to be honest it hurts my brain to try and remember what happened and that chapter of my novel (and the ironing) is not going to do itself…

So, from memory?  Bran has escaped Theon, along with Irri, Rickon and Hodor (hodor) but lost Winterfell in doing so, Jon Snow is being taken to the King Beyond The Wall (is that right?) but Ghost has vanished.  Tyrion has survived battle but not without a massive scar across his face.  His father, Tywin, came to the rescue and Stannis was defeated.  The Hound left, offering Sansa a way out but she refused.  Arya is free and travelling.  Robb has married despite being promised to another (and is utterly ignoring the fact that Joffrey could be doing despicable things to his sister at any moment).  Daenerys now has ships and gold.  And that incredibly beautiful woman (Margaery) is now to marry Joffrey but what does that mean for Sansa?  And yes, Joffrey is still king…and a dick.

And here are a couple of trailers to help the build of excitement!


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