Wednesday round up

tyrion season 3Now, because it’s nearly 9pm and I still haven’t written my 1,000 words today (and there’s a cupboard of chocolate calling me), I’m not going to do a proper post today.

I should be doing a review of the first episode of Game of Thrones season 3 which aired on Monday but I find it difficult to review just one episode of Game of Thrones.  The whole concept is just so big, it’s difficult to reach a conclusion after just an hour or so.  Although I will say that I still love Daenerys and Tyrion and they both had some wonderful scenes on Monday, the only scenes worth any comment at this stage.

I have another excuse for this…wait for it!  The week is only 3 days old and so much has already happened!

From the wonderful…

Season 4 of Game of Thrones has been confirmed! Yay!  Read about it here and here.

To the heart breaking…

Iain Banks has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He put a message on his website today, read it here.

And now something humourous but true, because I can’t end this post on such a sad note…

Sci-Fi Now’s Andrea’s Most Annoying Moments.  So funny because it’s so true.  The last line

Check back on Friday for a little more on The Walking Dead on the day of the season finale and next Wednesday for a new creature feature series I’m planning.

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