The Walking Dead season 3 finale

TWD Governor finaleSeasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead both ended with a bang, quite literally in the first season.  The season 1 finale saw the CDC blow up and our group of survivors travelling on with no hope.  The season 2 finale saw their new haven ripped apart by walkers with a huge loss of life and our survivors split up.  I was expecting something similar for the finale of season 3.

**Spoiler alert**

We certainly had the build up of tension.  The villain, the Governor, is perfectly and believably evil and dangerous and he has Andrea locked up.  He’s got his sights set on the prison and on capturing Michonne to make her pay for what she did to his daughter and one of his eyes.  Rick and our group of heroes, on the other hand, have to decide whether to run away or stand and fight with Daryl, a now influential character, having put his brother down after the Governor shot him in the chest.  The tension was building for a massive climax.

A climax that was never realised.  What a huge let down.

The body count was there, sure.  But we only knew less than a handful of the victims.  In fact, only three of them and I can’t even remember the name of one of them.  It felt like a bit of a cop out, to kill so many but it really mean nothing to us.  Was this a show of the Governor’s evil, that he should turn on his own people?  We already knew his true character so this proved nothing.  I imagine it had more to do with needing to get rid of half of a huge cast.

Andrea’s death scene should have been emotional, and while I did feel bad it was only TWD Andreabecause Michonne was upset.  I could have cheered when I realised Andrea would be leaving us.  She has done nothing but irritate me throughout all of season 3 and most of season 2.  Which is a great shame, she had all of the makings of a great strong female in the group.

Where are the strong female characters in The Walking Dead?  Lori was just as irritating as Andrea had become, and she’s dead now anyway and apparently truly gone.  Rick looked out for her at the end of the episode but she wasn’t there.  Has he stopped seeing her?  Was that all he needed to do to make her ghost leave him?  Just one good deed – seriously?  Rick will stay much more interesting and realistic if his mental breakdown continues.

Maybe our strong female character is with Maggie.  I like Maggie, but Glenn is annoying me and as the two are always together I now find it difficult not to be irritated by Maggie as well.  The couple are hopelessly in love and Glenn, who showed so much promise in the first season as a strategist, has proved himself to be incapable of leading and keeping a cool head in this season.  Although defeating a walker while strapped to a chair was very admirable.  Glenn’s hot headiness and shouting has done nothing but make me stop caring about him.

No, our strong female character has to be Michonne (just realised I completely forgot about Carol, which says it all).  We still don’t know a lot about her so I hope that her character will be developed further in season 4.  Although if previous characters (Merle) are anything to learn from, the episode that we discover Michonne’s true character and past is the episode in which she will die.

With Andrea’s passing there are only five characters from the first season left.  Just five of our original casting; Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn and Carol.  The end of the episode saw the old, infirm and children from Woodbury joining the prison group.  So now our surviving group has grown considerably with plenty more mouths to feed with no added fire power (there’s a reason the Governor didn’t give them weapons, after all).  Carl, after killing a boy not much older than him, is threatening to turn into a savage version of his mother (Shane but annoying) and Daryl was disappointingly calm considering the man attacking them had killed his big brother.

TWD season 3 finale

The good points?  The dynamics have changed for season 4, now that the group has grown so much.  We’re still in the prison and, technically, Woodbury is now available for settling down in.  Season 4 should have a different feel and ethos to previous seasons, which might be interesting.  Of course, the best part is that the Governor is still alive.  He should return at some point, hopefully in season 4 and not season 5, and his demise (if there is one) should be of epic proportions.

Unfortunately the good points were few and far between.  Every time I grow to like a character, they die.  The annoying ones live on far too long and the explosive ending just wasn’t there.  I feel like there is a lot of potential in The Walking Dead but the writers seem bent on focusing on boring aspects.

Also, do you remember the episode where Carol was practising her c-sections on walkers?  The camera view changed to suggest that someone was watching her from the tree line.  We never found out who or what this was.  Will we?  It took two seasons for us to discover the mystery of the helicopter and that was over in a blink of an eye.  It took the entire of season 2 to find out what Rick had whispered into his ear at the end of season 1.  Having unanswered questions is great, it builds tension and keeps the viewers guessing.  But if repeated without answers, it becomes very tiresome.

I feel let down by The Walking Dead.  I’m sure I’ll give season 4 a go but I not looking forward to it as I was with season 3.

Did you enjoy the finale?  Let me know what you thought below.

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