Another reason I love Scotland

wester rossRemember a few weeks back when I introduced my Creature Feature Wednesday series?  I mentioned the fact that Tolkien took inspiration for his Middle Earth dwarves from the dwarfs of Norse mythology.  He even took some names directly out of the Norse stories.

When I discovered this, I decided that this was further proof that writers can break the rules!  Of course, writers must keep the ideas original, but that shouldn’t stop them paying homage to their inspiration.

Yesterday, while flicking through the news after spending a glorious afternoon in the sunshine sorting out the garden even though I should have been writing, I found this.

Now, you probably already know this but just in case you missed it (if you’ve been living in a cave), I am utterly in love with Scotland.  So I was naturely interested to read that an island, off the north west coast of Scotland, is up for sale.  For £2.5 billion.  Well, I can dream can’t I?  You never know, I might win the lottery this week!

This island is 800 hectares and called Tanera Mor, it is the only inhabited island in the Summer Isles in Wester Ross.

Wait.  Hang on.  What’s that?  Wester Ross, you say?  You mean, like Westeros, the continent in which the majority of George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and Sky Atlantic’s adaptation Game of Thrones are set?

I wonder if he did that on purpose.  Well, if it’s good enough for Tolkien and George R R Martin…

Ridiculously, it turns out I’ve been to Wester Ross!  My first ever trip to Scotland when I was dinky was to Applecross.  Wester Ross is the reason I fell in love with the country.  It’s like a sign from the powers that be that I should move to Scotland…no?

3 responses to “Another reason I love Scotland

  1. Same here… fell in love with Scotland years ago after I’ve been to Wester Ross. If you have once succumbed to Scotland’s rough charm, you will come back… and back… and back….

    • Definitely – I’m already planning our next trip (we only went back a few months ago). The last holiday did the trick and my husband is now in love with the country too. Just need to work on him agreeing to move there…

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