No more Mondays

After an eye opening conversation over this beautiful, sunny weekend it was actually spoken out loud that this blog is a part of my writing procrastination, of which I am becoming an expert.

Shock!  Horror!

Of course, this blog has also taught me a lot and I really enjoy writing for it, but I can’t escape the fact that I haven’t touched my novel for about a month now.  Maybe it’s time to cut back on the blog posts a little, at least while I’m writing this first draft of my latest novel.

Now, as my Wednesday and Friday posts are pretty much sussed every week for the next few weeks, I’ll keep these going but I’m going to stop the Monday posts.  Depending on how I go, I may drop down to one post a week for a little while too.  Just while I figure out a writing rhythm.

So this is the last Monday post for a while.  But check back Wednesday for the Creature Feature all about mermaids and Friday for a little bit of fiction.

And now, I am novel bound! Right after I’ve sorted out the About page (check it out), and I clean the windows, and wash up…


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