A naturally, historic, annual Christmas trip

???????????????????????????????Every Christmas, my mum and I try to have a trip to London.  It could be for anything; to see a show, to do a bit of sight seeing.  This year (yesterday, in fact), we went to one of my favourite places in the whole of London.  A place where I spent many happy childhood moments.  The Natural History Museum.

This is a beautiful museum, built in 1873-1880 and opened in 1881, although the collections actually began in the 18th century in the British Museum (my other favourite place in London).  The Natural History Museum became a separate entity and officially named the Natural History Museum, rather than British Museum (Natural History), in 1992.

The museum is home to various and numerous exhibitions, including geology and the earth, dinosaurs, birds, insects, marine life, plants, primates, human biology, mammals, ecology, the Darwin Centre and its very own wildlife garden, where a new species of insect was discovered in 2007.

It is so easy to get to and a must see for anyone with an interest in nature.  Especially for children. I can’t even begin to express how magical it is to watch young children so excited about being there (and remembering when I was one!).

We revisited the blue whale (who has many, many family memories attached to it), and I went a little nuts in the dinosaur shop.  I am now the proud owner of a dinosaur scarf, and I’m sure I’ll be the envy of all my colleagues on Monday.

We actually went to the Natural History Museum to see the ice rink…


Which looks a lot more impressive in the dark.


Actually, it looks beautiful in the dark, as skaters swirl (and trip) around the lit christmas tree and the tall, old trees surrounding the museum grounds are lit up, making it look as though they are full of fairies.

South Kensington is the perfect stop for a family.  With the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Hyde Park and Victoria and Albert museum all on one road.  Not to mention the big (and expensive) shops only a short walk away, including Harrods.

We didn’t spend a great deal of time in the Natural History Museum (although I did spend a good deal of money and am now spent up for Christmas).  Instead, we had a wonderful time with a friend in the V&A, drinking and eating cake.  A perfect day and, surely, the only way to spend any Christmas trip to London.


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