Happy 2014 everyone!

How have the first three days of the new year been treating you?  And did you watch Dolphin – Spy in the Pod last night?  If you missed it, don’t worry, it’s on BBC iPlayer now and episode two is on next Thursday (9th) at 8pm.

We watched the spy cameras film the lives of various species of penguin in 2013, so there wasn’t a question about whether we would watch this dolphin programme.  The penguin series had been hilarious and brilliant.  With both concepts, disguised cameras are sent into the world of the animal to get a peak into their lives without causing them distress.  I would say without them knowing, but both the penguins and the dolphins found the cameras very interesting and did full investigations.

The penguin series took us through the life cycle of about three different species, through the hardships, romance, and life and death situations.  It was edge of the sofa stuff mixed with adorable and comical moments.  The dolphin programme is a little different.  It seems to me that the makers were so overwhelmed by the footage that they got that on some level this programme is basically just, ‘look! A dolphin!’.  But I honestly don’t mind.  These creatures are so intelligent and wonderful to watch, we sat on the sofa in just as much awe as the programme makers must have been.

What did occur to me, however, was the lack of threat to these dolphins.  Maybe that will be covered in the next episode, or perhaps we are simply the biggest threat to dolphins (which I imagine is the truth), but these dolphins seem to live wonderful lives of eating and playing.  Ok, there’s the odd fight but these dolphins flirt with each other, romance one another, protect their babies together, hunt amazingly well either on their own or together, and surf.  Yes, they surf.
The baby, by the way, is possibly the cutest thing in the world.  Mind you, I say that about most baby animals (I promise not to show you photos of my guinea pigs as babies).  But I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a newborn baby dolphin.

All photos courtesy of national newspapers and their online reviews.

In fact, the only sad thing about the programme is the thought that we capture these incredible creatures and stick them in a tiny tank where all they can do is swim in circles until we tell them to do tricks.  Once you’ve seen them in the wild, or in this programme, keeping themselves constantly occupied playing, hunting and romancing, you realise the real depths of cruelty we’re putting them through.
But enough of that.  This is a happy post!

So basically, from what I can gather, all dolphins seem to do is love, eat and play.  What a wonderful way to live.  How do they manage to live those lives when we, the supposedly more evolved (although that is questionable), work ourselves into illness and early graves because of rules and an economy that we ourselves have invented.

A megapod, filmed for the first time

2014 marks a change in my life.  A wonderful change for the better.  I mentioned on this blog a while back that things were difficult but that it would pass.  Well, it hasn’t quite passed yet but I am nearly there.  The New Year is a part of that.  Play is the important word, here.  No more stress.  As of 2014 I am going to be doing more of what I love, and that is writing.  So watch this space!
And to start me off in good form, just before Christmas I was told that I had won 2nd place in a short story competition run by Writing Magazine!  I will post a link when it goes up, although that might not be for a while.

I am taking this as a good omen, a sign of things to come. And yes it will be hard work, but it will be work that I enjoy.  I know that some people out there love their jobs and make money from their passion, so why not me?  And on that note, why not you?
From now on I will be as the dolphin; love, eat and play.


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