A hit of inspiration

I (stupidly) complained to myself a couple of weeks ago that I can’t come up with science fiction ideas.  Just a glance at today’s BBC Science/Environment news page really gets the creative juices flowing, before you can say ‘polar vortex’…

A Tad Parky – How to survive and thrive at -40C and lower

Desolation of Smog – Tackling China’s air quality crisis

Part Man, Part Pig? – Japanese quest to grow human organs in pigs

Chopping Waters – Severe weather not the only problem…

Climate Fix Could Make Warming Worse – New research suggests that attempts to artificially cool the planet could have unforeseen and damaging consequences

Deepest Galaxy Cluster Ever Pictured – A striking new image of distant galaxies hidden in “Pandora’s Cluster” has been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope

Nuclear Test Debris ‘Persistent’ – Radioactive particles from nuclear tests that took place decades ago persist in the upper atmosphere…

Far Away Planets ‘Can Support Life’

Stone Age Hunters’ Rotten Teeth (ok, so maybe not science fiction, but still fascinating)

Violent Storms Rage On ‘Failed Stars’

RAF Jets Fly With 3D Printed Parts

I mean…really.  I will never complain about not having any Science Fiction story ideas ever again!

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