Carrot and stick

imageRight, it’s the end of January today and not only have I not submitted a THING (New Years resolution and promise to myself very much broken) but I haven’t even prepared anything to submit.

Maybe I’m being tough on myself, but I wonder if I need to be tough on myself to get over that first hurdle.  To get over that beginning fear.  I’m sure that once I get started, I won’t be scared anymore…ok, so I might, but at least if I get into a habit, it’ll be harder to break it.

That’s the theory anyway.  It’s worked for my novel writing – I can now write 500-1000 words a day very easily.  So this is worth a try.
This is what I’ve put up on my writers board above my desk…


…I’m not to sure about the cake being defined as a treat, that might change.  But the rest of it stands!  Ideally, I will have submitted to five places by the end of February, saved some money and enjoy that luxury treat all the more for the wait.  (Note, I haven’t defined ‘submission’.  It could be a short story, a novel query to an agent or publisher or an article query to a magazine.  Or a mixture.)

So lets see how long it takes me before I can go shopping!


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