This Is The End

this-is-the-endNo! It’s not the end of the blog…it’s the film I watched over the weekend.
And breathe…

Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride are at a party at James Franco’s house (the end cast credits of this film are pretty much pointless) when the world ends. Judgement Day is upon them and they haven’t made it into Heaven.  This is the story of this little group trying to survive all Hell breaking out on Earth.

There are two ways of looking at this film. Firstly, the concept which feels pretty unique. At one point it is suggested that it is a zombie apocalypse. Why not? Isn’t every apocalypse lately a zombie one? Zombies are in fashion right now, demons aren’t. But why not? Judgement Day (not the Terminator version) is the ultimate and original apocalypse. For some reason it also seems to be the less explored version.

Showing this apocalypse from the view point of Hollywood is a remarkably clever move. So much emphasis in movies is put on the average Joe, but what makes this film is the focus on the celeb. I personally rather enjoyed that Franco’s party didn’t even know anything was happening to begin with, because no one went to Heaven.

This Is The End is a satirical look at actors. Better yet, it’s actors taking the piss out of themselves. Which means it’s fun, and funny. This is not a film about men being heroes, or strong for that matter. Despite the celeb stars, the writing is brilliant. I’m not sure if you can say you really begin to care about them as such. Maybe you don’t care whether they live or die (well, maybe a little), but you definitely want to find out which.

A word of warning; this is a boys film. There were certain scenes which I found disgusting or unnecessary but my husband found hilarious. Thankfully, there aren’t too many scenes like this and these are the only elements that I disliked about the whole film. To be honest, it’s quite nice to watch these actors just being normal boys.
It’s also fairly gruesome. The apocalypse happens sharply and without warning, as does the gore. I have no issues with gore, but I know these brief moments could put some people off.

There are some great aethestics, although it feels pretty low budget in places.  The acting is brilliant, as you would hope as they’re all playing themselves.  It’s funny and it can make you jump out of your skin.
The best bit? Emma Watson. Those are five words I never thought I would ever type. Ever. But there she is, not going to Heaven, wielding an axe, kicking arse and surviving.

My first completed novel was about the Devil.  during my late teens I developed an interest in angels, and found Lucifer to be the most interesting.
This is not an amazing, life altering film. But it is great film, very well made, with some very funny bits. It has certainly worked as a spark of inspiration for me. Watch this film, just relax and go with it, and resist looking up anyone you don’t know until the end.


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