A Marvel-lous year

Ok, this post is a bit of a cop out but as I’m busy editing short stories, rearranging the room I write in to give myself more space and staring hard at my so nearly completed novel, I just don’t have much time.

While I was watching The Avengers for the tenth billion time, it hit me that it’s still good, that I still love it, despite repeated viewings I’m not even close to bored yet.  So I want to share with you two things I’m excited about for this year. Both are films and both are Marvel. Yes, we get two Marvel films this year! I saw the trailer for one when I went to see Robocop and rather wished I’d been seeing that film instead, and the other trailer was released this week and looks AMAZING!

First is Captain America’s second instalment, The Winter Soldier. I didn’t much enjoy the first Captain America film which I put down to his squeaky clean image, but Avengers Assemble made me realise that it’s actually because Steve Rogers is an interesting character because he is misplaced in time, not because of what he has become.

The villain in The Winter Soldier also piqued my interest. I know nothing about him, although the metal arm is a little Robocopish, and I can’t wait to get to know him.

The other Marvel film out this year is Guardians of the Galaxy.  Again, I know nothing about these stories, but this trailer just made me laugh. It looks like such a fun film, especially Star Lord (not sure about the naked green girl clip, reminds me of Star Trek).  Again, I can’t wait!


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