I’m still alive!

I have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks and I can only apologise. You can see part of the reason – this blogs shiny new look and a fancy new domain name. You can now get here via www.jenice.co.uk although ye olde address will still work.

I’ve also been ridiculously busy setting up my freelance copywriting business. I’ve been working in marketing for a while now, and I’ve been writing for a very long time. The idea of a freelance career really excites me and this seemed like the perfect time to start.

What is a copywriter? That’s something that my lovely supportive friends and family ask me once they’ve told me how wonderful it is.

Copy is the name given to text written for marketing and communication purposes. For example, the text on a leaflet or brochure, or in a catalogue, article, press release, blog post, newsletter, and even reports, briefing notes and letters.

It fits in quite nicely with researching and writing marketing plans, which is something I hope to add to the list of services I’ll provide as time goes on and I’ve established myself.

If you’re interested, or knows someone who is, please visit www.jennylewiscopywriter.co.uk.
And with that, I reveal I have two names…

I have also been working on the fiction side of my life. The first draft of my new novel is reaching the half way mark. I’ve written a synopsis for my completed novel, although the query letter has been lost among a to-do list full of decorating, building websites and going to my first Comic Con. Ain’t fear a grand thing!

Due to my new commitments, the posts on this blog will have to drop down to one a week (most likely on a Friday), as I’ll also be posting on www.jennylewiscopywriter.co.uk/blog weekly. I will also share posts between the websites, where I think you might be interested.

Still, I have lots to talk about, some of which I have subtly mentioned here and, of course, there’s still that project that I haven’t announced yet but which will be announced in the next couple of weeks.
Hand on my heart.

In the meantime, thank you for bearing with me. Please check out my new website, if you’re that way inclined, and please check back next Friday, when I’ll be getting back on track.

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