Is my yellow chakra to blame?

lisa-meditating-in-the-backyard-e1348023843824I was doing some research for a client this week and ended up doing a quiz to establish if my chakras are balanced (as you do). I don’t really know what I was looking at but my yellow one was lower than the others, so I figured that one was probably out of balance.
It turns out this is the chakra that controls my self esteem, fear of rejection, distorts my self image and gives me poor concentration and trouble getting things done.

Well, maybe that explains why I didn’t meet my self-imposed deadline to finish the first draft of my novel (only two chapters to go but I’m now on holiday for six days, so it’ll be fun trying to get my head back in the game when I get back).

I wonder how long my yellow chakra has been lower than the others. It was the ‘fear of rejection’ that really stuck out to me. I’ve always been good at following my gut, although my friends will tell you I’m rubbish at making decisions. But the reason I’ve only just started submitting my work to magazines is because I’ve been so scared of rejection. Rejection and failure.

Of course, I now know that all those rejections are my battle scars. I collect and wear them with pride (figuratively, I don’t walk around with printed emails glued to myself).

This has been a good week, my self esteem has risen. I’m also exhausted – a mixture of doing a lot (but not getting it done, see the ‘trouble getting things done’), my neighbours car alarm deciding to go off in the middle of the night, and spending a night in a hotel where there was a punch up, police riot vans and a lot of screaming (none of them were me, I hasten to add).
Maybe I need to work on this yellow chakra if I’m to finish my novel before the end of next week.

So, as I prepare to go on holiday while staring at my unfinished manuscript, I wanted to ask how your chakras are? Here is the quiz.

By the way, Elysium is on Sky Movies. Right now. It has nothing to do with the fact that my novel isn’t finished. Neither does the chocolate ice cream…


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