Some inspiring images

IMG_2963 It’s been a strange month. There have been big changes in my life and last month it all got a bit on top of me, ending in a fantastic holiday to Scotland. We flew up to Inverness, spent a day in Orkney and then travelled down to Fort William with a stop off at the serene Loch Ness, a trip out to Arisaig, then down past Loch Lomond to Glasgow. It was supposed to end there but Edinburgh being only an hour away was too much of a temptation so we ended the holiday with a day in my joint favourite city (joint first with Bristol, of course).

I took my camera, a number of huge memory cards and the battery charger. I had a plan of documenting this entire holiday. Unfortunately the battery charger went walkies somewhere in Inverness and my camera died after the day trip to Orkney. Phone to the rescue! But sadly my camera phone isn’t quite as good so I started taking fewer photos

We came home with just over 200 photos and three amazing video clips of wild dolphins hunting and playing on the Moray Firth (the experience was amazing, the video clips aren’t. It’s hard to keep the camera still when bouncing with excitement at seeing my first wild dolphin). Now when I go on holiday, I don’t just take photos of breathtaking scenery or interesting places. I also take strange and potentially boring photos of things that I believe could lead to a story.

I didn’t manage to take those photos that were just for me, or the blurry rubbish ones, out of the 200 before my beloved hubby showed them to his parents. My poor in-laws were subjected to over 200 photos of strange things their daughter-in-law had thought it necessary to snap, or had tried to snap while their son drive her down Highland roads. I never wanted to share those photos with them, but I will share them with you! (Aren’t you lucky!) Not the blurry ones, I hasten to add. No, the inspiring ones.

Here are a handful. Could you develop a story out of any of these?

Inverness Castle statue J E Nice



‘No, over there! What do you mean you can’t see it?’

Inverness Castle








Sunken ships at Orkney


One of the ships sunken between the Orkney islands in World War One to stop german submarines getting through. The Churchill bridges built for World War Two means the water levels have changed, exposing many of the sunken ships.






Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness, one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. And c’mon, it’s Loch Ness! Here Nessie Nessie Nessie…






This wouldn’t be the blog of a paranormal/horror writer without a photo from the Glasgow Necropolis. Seriously beautiful and other-worldy.






Found this guy in Greyfriars Kirk graveyard in Edinburgh (go to visit Bobby’s grave – and cry – stay for the amazing monuments). This one freaked me out, so naturally I took a photo. He’s actually behind a grate, but I rather prefer the image of nothing between you and him.








Another snap from Greyfriars Kirk graveyard, Edinburgh. Seriously, what is this and why is it here surrounding by graves?!




And just because I actually took one hella lotta good landscape photos, here is the view from Glenfinnan monument…


2 responses to “Some inspiring images

  1. I could make a story out of any and all of those! Greyfriars Kirkyard – seriously spooky place. If you’ve got the nerve, do one of the ghost walks that takes it in. Loch Ness – well, I’m convinced I saw the monster when I was a kid.
    Glad you had a lovely and interesting holiday. But how could you not, in Scotland! (I am slightly biased…) 😉

    • Thanks Karen! Yup, it was 6 days of wonderfulness, and me trying again to convince the hubby to move there 😛 I managed to get an agreement to a holiday home! Just need to win the lottery now… 😛

      Oh my, they do the ghost walks at Greyfriars?! I keep looking at those walks but I haven’t got the nerve. We did the Edinburgh Vaults ghost tour on our first trip and it completely freaked me out. My phone died half way through and I definitely felt something.

      My hubby always has to drive us past Loch Ness as I’m always glued to the window looking for the monster! I can’t believe how peaceful it is there considering it’s packed with tourists!

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