An apology, promise, celebration and thank you. In that order.

Originally, today’s post was going to be an apology and a promise. Then last week happened to be a fantastically, amazing week and I wanted to share five minutes of that with you. And then I was blown away by the response from my last post, so I thought that deserved a mention…

Ready? Here we go.

The apology and promise

A while back I announced I would be self-publishing a novella. I worked hard and started writing posts about the self-publishing process. And then I stopped.

Please let me explain. Basically, stuff happened. Lots of stuff.

My last self-publishing post was in May, just under a month after my career took a change of direction. That was probably the time when my mind suddenly realised that things had changed. I was trying to force myself into a new way of life too quickly and it snapped and stopped. Cue a month or so off, which I very much needed.
This happened to coincide with getting my editor’s notes back and they…well, they weren’t great. (My editor was good, my novella wasn’t.) I knew the book had major problems but for some reason I ploughed ahead anyway. Lesson learned.

I discussed it with my main and key advisor (my mum) and decided to rewrite, but getting the motivation while everything else was going on was tricky. I continued to take time off, went on holiday and came back ready to face the world. But still didn’t write much of this particular novella.

Things just kept getting in the way, mainly my own fear. This week was a game changer, and I started the rewriting and bam! It’s already so much better than before. I’m still working through it, but, and here’s the promise:

The self-publishing posts will be returning. As I don’t have a manuscript ready yet, I will look at the all-important marketing of your beloved book, because that’s what my background is in. And when I get there, I’ll share my experiences of book covers, editing, proofing and publishing.

My fantastical, amazing week

The week before last was awful. We spent a lot of it down the vets trying to figure out why my gorgeous, fat guinea pig had stopped eating. I thought the end was nigh and shed many tears. Thankfully, unnecessary tears. Turns out his teeth were a little overgrown. He’s now fully recovered and back to eating everything at top speed. His double chin is even growing back.


My gorgeous little Diddles, all better now!

Then last week, we had a heat wave (not great but for some reason sunshine, heat and thunder storms made me happy), I became a dog walker for the RSPCA (except the only time you can’t walk the dogs is during extreme heat…ho hum), and this happened…

In December 2013 I received an email to tell me that my science fiction short story had been placed 2nd in a writing competition. I was over the moon! After many months I received my prize money, got the magazine where my name wasn’t printed (usually all winners and short listed writers are named) due to the length of the winning entry, and spent weeks checking the website where my story was supposed to be published.
Nothing. I began to wonder if I could resell it after the magazine lost their rights towards the end of this year.

Then, for no reason whatsoever, I happened to check the website last week. Lo and behold, there it was! You can now read my (short – it’ll take 10 mins tops) winning entry, Us and Them, here.

My name

I was overwhelmed by the response of my last post about author’s names and writing as a woman. The poll results are very interesting. That being said, I’m not going to make any decisions until the end of July, so there’s still time to vote!

Righto, back to that novella.

4 responses to “An apology, promise, celebration and thank you. In that order.

  1. Rewriting is not that bad, just consider it as the chance to optimise.
    Good story, nicely done!
    I am glad that Diddles has recovered. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 and thank you. Dids managed to matt some hair on his nose which fell off, which is why he looks a bit scruffy. Helps him to get more sympathy! 😉
      Rewriting is fine, once you get into it. It’s the getting motivated that I find difficult. I’m on a roll now though 🙂

  2. Goodness me, what a time you’ve been having. Well, first of all, I’m glad Diddles is back in good health. My cats send him kisses. (They’re useless hunters, so they probably would just lick him if they met him). 😉
    Secondly, loved your story! What great feedback, too.
    Thirdly, keep on with that novella. It will come! xxxx

    • Aww thanks 😀 Diddles would say thank you (from a deep dark hiding place because he’s a mahoosive coward!), but he’s lying flat out at the moment. Hot pig!
      And thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I was very happily surprised by the judges comments, might print and frame them!!

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