The BIG 3 0

Over the weekend I said goodbye to a certain decade of my life as I turned 30. As I suppose is only natural I found myself reminiscing over the last 10 years, trying to find a way to sum up my 20s.

Your 20s are supposed to be an amazing time in your life. You become free of full time education (if you didn’t leave school at 16) and will most certainly be looking for employment. Some people go the path of the career, others focus on starting a family. You may party hard, work hard, play hard. Fall in love, be heartbroken, create new life, get your own place.
However you approach it, your 20s are a time of freedom, or fun and figuring out just what you’re going to do with your life.

The beginning of my 20s was meagre, but it steadily improved. By my mid-twenties I was covering the highlights listed below, only for it to dip again towards the end.

The highlights of the last 10 years include (in this order!):

  • Falling in love
  • Moving to Bristol
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Discovering just how amazing guinea pigs can be
  • Visiting Edinburgh for the first time
  • Getting engaged on said visit!
  • Getting married in a zoo
  • Meeting my career goal
  • Going on the largest bit of retail therapy of my life and coming home with my gorgeous VW Beetle
  • Having an incredible family and husband who are supporting me to give up on that career and live my dream.

    Wizzy snozz J E Nice writer

    Wizbit – one of the highlights of my 20s. Who woulda thought three guinea pigs could bring so much joy!

See, you put it that way and ignore all the crappy stuff and not only were my 20s amazing, but I’m very lucky (even with all the crappy stuff, I’m still lucky).

Over the last ten years I’ve also written… *counts on fingers*… four (?) novels, one novella and a handful of short stories – one of which is published here. Okay, all right, so I never managed to get that publishing contract in my twenties but I did get a few rejections. Which is something…sort of.

Sure I have regrets (who doesn’t), but I’m actually quite excited about my 30s. Since my birthday I’ve been waking up feeling older, wiser and taller (not sure how that works) and above all, more determined.
I used to think that I wouldn’t get published because I was too young. Well, that’s not a problem anymore! This is the decade where I prove myself. Not only will I be published by the time I’m 40, I’ll have a successful freelance business and a beautiful family.

What’s there not to be excited about!

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