A geeky Sunday at Cardiff Comic Con

What’s that? Two Comic Cons in one year? Don’t mind if I do!

Yesterday, my husband, some friends and I travelled to Cardiff to the Cardiff Comic Con which takes place twice a year, in March and November. We’d previously gone to Birmingham Comic Con in March.

I’m a little worried I’m becoming quickly blasé about these things. For some reason I didn’t really clock all the cosplay, although there were some very good costumes. I got more into the shopping, but having learned my lesson from March, I managed to say no and walk away when I began to get silly.

But before that I managed to find some nice little indulgences and new t-shirts. And I got to meet Sylvester McCoy!

Me and Sylvester McCoy J E Nice Birmingham ComicCon

Me with Sylvester McCoy

I even spotted a spelling mistake…

Que spelling mistake J E Nice

Is it a mistake, or part of Cosplay?

And a rogue apostrophe! Star Wars rogue apostrophe J E Nice

C’mon! Most geeks can spell, what happened here?

The food was a little disappointing. Although there are restaurants very close to the arena, we ate the food available inside (although we went outside to eat). There was nowhere to sit down. When we went to Birmingham, there were eateries within the building with actual seats and tables, and at the games convention we also visited this year they had a specific eating area with, you guessed it, chairs and tables.

No wonder we left early. After a couple of hours of walking around, squeezing between Catwomans and Ironmans, my back was killing me and my friend’s knee was complaining loudly. Time to scarper.

But all in all it was good fun. I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want it to end, and we’re already planning our next visit in March. Until then, I have to find places for my signed Sylvester McCoy photo and my artist impression of Gambit (which is gorgeous).

Gambit by David Bircham J E Nice

By David Bircham

2 responses to “A geeky Sunday at Cardiff Comic Con

    • AJ!!! Lovely to hear from you again 😀 I was looking out for you at Cardiff but reckoned you’d gone on the Saturday. Jealous you had a chat with Theon.
      Hope the new job is going well, send me your new email! 🙂

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