12 hashtags for the bored SFF lover

Hashtags for SFF fans J E NiceI don’t know about you but the urge to hibernate is really creeping up on me. Last week it was all I could do to stay motivated and awake. This may have led to some Christmas food being eaten, although there is no evidence (left) to prove this…

A couple nights ago, all snuggled up on the sofa telling myself it was too early to go to bed, my husband put something on TV that I just couldn’t bring myself to watch. I ended up on Twitter, scanning through the endless book promos and getting more bored. So I ended up checking out some new hashtags.

Hashtags on Twitter are a great way to allow people to find your tweets, but they also allow you to take part in conversations. I’ve gone through a few great writing ones you should check out, so today I thought I would share with you the hashtags for SFF fans I found before I gave in and made my bed into a cosy den with the winter.

Hashtag chats

#sffwrtcht – This science fiction and fantasy chat takes place on a Wednesday night but don’t worry if you miss it. Transcripts are provided.
#Scifichat – Not just for writers but for everything sci-fi. Feel the love.
#Scifiwrite – This is for the sci-fi writers!
#sfwa – The hashtag for the Science Fiction Writers Association, sharing good tips, reviews and information.
#writerwednesday or #ww – Does what it says on the tin. Join in with other writers on a Wednesday.

Genre hashtags

These hashtags are good to look at to discover more about your favourite genre. Although, as with a lot of hashtags, they are packed with book promos (the fact that I skip over these now shows how effective they are).

I was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of the Steampunk and Paranormal ones…


So next time you’re bored, check out these Twitter hashtags and see if they inspire you.


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