A geeky catch up: what needs to be watched

It’s December! And you know what that means. Yup, fairy lights and smokey, cold nights and snuggling up in big fluffy jumpers and Christmas trees and foooooood!!  Yay!! Kermit yay

I’ve been getting my geek on recently, what with X-Men Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy coming out on DVD, The Flash and Gotham on our television screens, and trying to source Christmas presents for my beloved.


I decided after five minutes of the Gotham pilot that I didn’t like it. Boy, was I wrong. My hubby convinced me to give it a chance and it’s certainly gotten better. As usual, the protagonist doesn’t do much for me and exists only so that the better supporting characters can do what they do. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is a great character, but too goody-goody and his missus, Barbara (Erin Richards) is too pretty for her own good and therefore dull (and a silly cow after what she did last week).

I find myself really wanting to love Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), but so far his character has failed to meet the potential I believe he is capable of. But every week I hope I will be in for a surprise.

Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), on the other hand, steals the show and is the only reason I’m still watching Gotham. He is to the Penguin what Heath Ledger is to the Joker, he has truly brought new levels and life to the character.

Gotham Penguin

Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot

The Flash

After watching this pilot I declared that I wouldn’t be watching the Flash. It was slushy, over sentimental and repetitive. But overnight it kept creeping back into my head. Again, the protagonist exists purely for the supporting cast, but actually Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) isn’t half bad. He’s funny (shock!) which helps to level out the goody-goody qualities.

But without Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (who I adore) (Carlos Valdes), I wouldn’t have watched the second and third episodes back to back. By the fourth episode, the sentimental elements and repetitiveness disappears and we’re left with a bright, fast-paced and funny show. It’s brilliant.

Caitlin Barry and Cisco

l-r Caitlin Snow, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon

Plus, after five episodes I now have to know just what Dr Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is up to…

The Walking Dead

Saving the best for last, did you see the half season finale of season 5 last night? Wow. The first time I’ve ever genuinely cried at The Walking Dead (Lori’s death didn’t count, how can you not cry when a woman is has to say goodbye to her son because she needs to die in order for her new baby to live).

Something has happened over the last five years and I didn’t really notice it happening; Rick Grimes (Britain’s own Andrew Lincoln) became a bad ass. It’s been a subtle transformation, from the good hearted, gentle man who woke from a coma to the zombie apocalypse and just wanted to find his family to a slightly unhinged, tough leader who will kill to protect his children and apocalypse made family. And that is what made me cry at the end of the midseason finale episode.

Rick and Daryl

l-r Rick Grimes and fan fave Daryl Dixon

Season 5 is the best ever season of The Walking Dead and I thoroughly recommend it. It returns to our screens in February, and until then I just hope that The Flash continues to be good.


Next week or the week after is the crossover episode between The Flash and Arrow. Flash FTW.

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