What 2015 will be all about

2015 is 12 days old! How was your first full week back in work? I don’t know about you, but Monday morning was painful. And dark. I’ve started the year with enthusiasm and vigour, however, and I haven’t quite started to slow down (yet).

I haven’t made New Year resolutions for a while now. Instead, I make a list of things I’d like to achieve in the year. There are usually lots of fiction writing goals, and every year I manage to accomplish up to half of my goals. Not necessarily any of the fiction related ones. But this year will be different!

  1. This year I will write and self-publish that novella I talked about last year, although it’ll be a different story to the one I wrote and then screwed up in disgust last year. Instead, I’ll be writing a different story in my Princess Quartet collection. In 2015/16 I hope you will be meeting a steampunk, pirate princess whose dreams can quite literally come true.
  1. That novel (first in a fantasy trilogy) I’ve been writing for six years? *ahem* That’s currently undergoing it’s final final final edit and I will finish and submit it to agents this year. Yes, I will.
  1. I wrote the sequel to that novel in 2014, and in 2015 I will edit and polish it. And maybe sort out the plot to the third and final novel.
    If I don’t manage to get these novels published traditionally, I will look at self-publishing them. Purely because it’s already taken up six years of my life and they are my babies!
  1. I also have another novel to rewrite and the first draft of something completely new to start and complete. So I’ve written that I will finish writing one of these, although right now I’m leaning towards the something completely new – a sceptical consultant pulled into the world of paranormal investigating, with a smattering of time travel, fairies and her grandmother’s green hair and homemade biscuits.

Those are my fiction goals for 2015. Only four of them. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? My other goals concern my marketing and writing business, which is a lot more serious and scary, and some light hearted ideas including learning to play the harmonica and doing some exercise (haha!).

New Year resolutions J E NiceAbove all, the final goal on my 2015 list, which is in bold with exclamation marks and should really be underlined, is, Be happy!
Because that’s the most important thing.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2015?

3 responses to “What 2015 will be all about

    • As you do!
      Maybe I could do that if I ever get good enough, haha!! 😉
      I was planning on using the Great Wonder of T’Internet to learn.

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