Cutting back on the blogging and Cardiff Comic Con 2015

Sorry I missed last week. It’s gotten a bit hectic in the Jenny household. I want to tell you about my Comic Con trip last weekend (as I always do when I go to these things), but first I want to let you know that I’ve decided that my blogging needs to take a step back.

Why? Well, you may remember that I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t done much writing lately. In all honesty I haven’t written any good, proper fiction this year. This year! That’s three months! No fiction in 2015! That’s not really going to help with my 2015 goals of submitting my novel for representation and self-publishing.

So, tough decisions to be made. Things, they are a-changing and amongst everything I really need to find time for my fiction. As you know, if you don’t use it, you lose it. And I’m terrified that I’m losing it. So I’m going to have a month off from blogging. My next blog will be 4th May (Star Wars day!). Cor, that seems like a long way off…best get writing. And you know what? I’ll even tell you how much I’ve written and how worth it it’s been!

But first! Cardiff ComicCon 2015.
Cardiff Comic Con 2015 J E NiceLast Saturday my hubby, three friends and I travelled to Cardiff for Comic Con (thank you for driving Elliot!). We started with the traditional sitting in the queue for the car park and spotting people in various cosplay stood in the queue to the venue. There may have been too much excitement over a giant burger.

We drove up the spiral car park entrance and just before we all threw up, we managed to find a parking spot. Waiting for the lifts, a stormtrooper joined us. As far as we know, just a normal Saturday for him. For some reason, we ended up taking the stairs as a result of impatient friends and slow lifts.

A friend who I haven’t seen for nearly a year was also at Comic Con so I texted him once I was in. He told me he was up on the balcony, sat between a stormtrooper and three Gandalfs. Not a sentence he thought he’d ever say. I didn’t know where I was and despite looking up, spinning round and bumping into some Harley Quinns, I couldn’t see him, so we went shopping for a while.

Half way round and the room started spinning. The event was sold out and it was heaving, although actually it didn’t feel any less busy than the Sundays we’ve attended. Still, it started to get a bit much and I began to feel floopy. Lunchtime!

We began the dangerous expedition to the balcony, past Jokers, a sexy Gandalf (seriously, she looked incredible, beard and all) and Game of Thrones ladies. We took one wrong turning, went back past some hobbits and found the elusive door. Next came the scramble to find my mate. Turns out he was on the balcony on the opposite side and after some furious waving, he began his own intrepid journey to join us (was great to see you AJ!).

After a good chat and a sandwich, the next stop was the comic book/cosplay room where there was supposedly an artist who had drawn some the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics. We couldn’t find him but we did see an awesome Catwoman and Penguin, and a mahoosive Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berserker (I don’t know either, but I recognised him from all the Warhammer stuff in our house).

Back down to the stalls and craving the chocolate that I’d left in the car, we returned to shopping. First, to the signings. David Prowse (Darth Vader), Pod from Game of Thrones and Ray Park (Darth Maul and Toad in X-Men) were all there. But we were there to see Kristanna Lokken (Terminator 3) who my mate loves. Was she there? ‘Course bloody not. Apparently she was ‘doing a talk’ even though the schedule said she wasn’t. Still, I got a sneaky snap of Ray Park…

Cardiff Comic Con 2015

Honest, it’s him.

I went with the purpose of buying Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and anything turtle and Firefly related. Lego turtles J E NiceI got my turtles! But everything else was samey and boring. Until we got to the last stall. A t-shirt printing company with two amazing Firefly designs. Well, I had money to spend soooo….

Firefly tshirts Shiny Big Damn Heroes J E Nice

By Stonecircle Iconz

There were a lot more steampunk stalls this time round. The genre seems to be taking off. I even read about a steampunk themed pub, the first of its kind in the UK, opening in central Bristol, should they get the funding.
And as I’ve been reading steampunk lately and thinking about it (and not writing it), I decided to treat myself. I’m now the very proud owner of this beautiful hat and goggles.

Steampunk hat J E Nice

That’s the view out the window you can see reflected in the goggles.

I left Comic Con tired and broke. We walked through the shopping centre, past a Darth Maul having a lightsabre fight with a ‘normal’ and returned to the bag of Malteasers I’d left in the car. Nom nom nom. All in all, a successful day.

Everyone else seemed less than enthused though, so next time we’re going to fully embrace the Comic Con and attend some talks instead of just spending dosh.

Right, on with the writing! And I hope to return to you in May with stories of success, many words written and a new plan for this blog. Until then, happy reading and writing.


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