TADA! A new month, a new look and a new name.

Happy Star Wars day! And happy bank holiday. As promised, I have returned from a month away from blogging.

What have I been doing throughout April? Well, if you haven’t already noticed this blog has been given a new look and a new name. Write into the Woods now caters for all writers, of fiction and freelancing, providing hints and tips for writing and getting published as I go along my own journey.

I have a bad habit of sitting and thinking for long periods of time and I seem to have been doing that a lot over the last month. Re-evaluating who I am and what I’m doing. After spending a year working as a freelance content and copywriter, circumstances have changed and I’m now looking for a job. I don’t want to say a ‘proper’ job, because writing is a proper job, and I don’t want to say a corporate job because some of the jobs I’ve applied for don’t necessarily fit into the corporate category, but you know what I mean. But I’ll be continuing with my freelance business.

You know what I haven’t been doing much of over the last year of being a writer? Writing fiction. And that’s insane! I need to create more time and get back into the habit of working on my fiction, particularly short stories and finishing off my novels.

So I won’t be posting here every week for the foreseeable future but as time goes on I hope to post more regularly. Let’s see how it goes for the month of May. At the end of each month I’ll do a roundup of how I’ve been doing, so that I’m accountable, but for the rest of the month there will be hints, tips and news on writing fiction and, hopefully, for magazines.

I did mention before that I would tell you my fiction word count as of the end of April.
Yeah, it’s not impressive but I have started looking at writing short stories again, I’ve finished an editing plan for my fantasy novel that’s so close to being finished I want to cry (but after so long being away from fiction I’m now scared of screwing it up) and I’ve started writing a fantasy steampunk novel for practice and the joy of it.

I hope April treated you well and you’re having a great bank holiday weekend. My next post will be on 15 May and then a nice roundup on 29 May. So I’d best get writing!

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