Accountability for May 2015

What? It’s the end of May already? Well, sort of. Today is the day I said I would do my first accountable post. Where I admitted to how much I had written and what I’d been doing this month. So, deep breath, here we go.

How many words

In May, I have written roughly 6,582 words, not including any blog posts (like the Mad Max review that’s over 1000 words).

That’s five articles, some work on a new novella and the beginning of a new short story. Not great, but much better than nothing! I’m hoping in June to be returning to writing at least 500 words of fiction a day, so my June accountability post should look much better.


By the end of this month (there are still two days to go!), I will have submitted one short story. Not too bad considering I’m just starting with this submissions thing after such a long break.

My main excuse

To be honest, this month has mostly been taken up with job hunting. Both applying and interviewing. And, as I don’t have a new job yet, you can guess how that’s been going. I don’t take job rejection well. Writing rejection is different. It hurts, sure, but at least it means you’re writing and submitting. You’re out there, doing it, and you never know when you’ll hit gold.

But job hunting is different. There’s a pressure there to do well when meeting new people face to face and convince them to let you work for them so you can pay your bills and buy food. The emotional price is high, with the intense nerves and some excitement and then being hit with the no and, in my case these last two weeks, some ridiculous feedback.

What I should do when I get that no is put on my laptop and get to writing. But I can’t. What I need to do, and what I actually do, is curl up in a foetal position on the sofa, put on the TV and try not to think about the tub of Ben and Jerrys in the freezer.


June will be better! Well, I can’t say much about the job hunt. That’s out of my hands. But I will write more. I will submit. And I will go on holiday, which I sorely need.

I’ve decided to start blogging more. I’ll be posting more fiction writing opportunities regularly (I’m thinking once a week) and posts about different types of writing, with the odd film review here and there. I’ll also share my fiction rejections with you, once they start rolling in.

How’s your May been? Hope you’ve been having better luck than me! Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Baby sparrow and mum copyright J E Nice

Had loads of baby birds in the garden this month, including this little fella and mum.

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