Five writing opportunities to start June off

Right then, time to sort out some submissions for June. As I mentioned last week, I’m going to make this a weekly thing. So here we go, four SFF writing opportunities.

One of the highest paying markets and well known publisher, has reopened to submissions. They take fantasy, sci-fi, horror and alternate history, basically speculative fiction, including poetry from both new and experienced writers. And, like all publishers and agents right now, they’re looking for diversity. publish short stories and novelettes so the editors prefer their fiction under 12k words. But they pay 25c (roughly 15p) a word for the first 5k words, 15c a word for the 5k after that and 10c for the rest.

By the way, if you fancy submitting your novel to Tor, they also take unsolicited submissions.

Strange Horizons

Speculative e-zine, Strange Horizons, has also reopened to fiction submissions until further notice. They take stories preferably under 5k words and they have detailed information on what they’re looking for on their submissions page, so read it carefully.

Payment is high at 8c (roughly 5p) a word!

If you’re interested in submitting something else to Strange Horizons, such as essays, reviews or art, take a gander at their general submissions page.


Have you heard of slaypunk? Me neither! But it sounds amazing. Dark fiction publisher, Emby Press, is creating an anthology for this shiny new genre. So what is slaypunk? Stories that contain contraptions, devices and machines that ‘capture, dispatch or otherwise combat monsters’. Writers are encouraged to ‘unleash the action, the clichés and the blood’ so it sounds like you can let rip with these stories.

George and dragon

Wikipedia image of George and the Dragon, the original slaypunk!

Your slaypunk (I’m now in love with this word) story should be 2-8k words and payment, should your story be accepted, is $25 (roughly £15.75) and a contributor’s copy. The deadline is 1 August 2015, so plenty of time to get thinking and writing.

New Myths is an online journal published quarterly and they’re on the lookout for sci-fi and fantasy fiction under 10k words. They also accept flash fiction under 1k words, and non-fiction essays and poems of any length.

Payment is up to $50 (approx. £31.50) for stories and essays and $20 (roughly £12.60) for flash fiction and poetry. The reading period ends 31 July and won’t open again until January 2016.


Do any of those float your boat? Good luck with anything you choose to submit.


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