3 SFF fiction opportunities

After receiving an invite to another job interview for tomorrow and already preparing myself for the rejection, I decided to try a career test this morning. You know, for inspiration as to a new direction. And what did I discover?

Career test J E Nice

I should be a writer!
Thanks. I mean, that’s great! But not too helpful in finding a day job.

Anyway, today is writing opportunity day. Here are three fiction opportunities to sink your teeth into.

Witches, Warlocks, Demons and Evil-Doers

Sirens Call Publications have put out a call for submissions for their new supernatural/horror anthology. Stories should be about evil, about supernatural characters who choose to do bad. This does NOT mean werewolves and vampires who are forced to hunt. And the challenge is that it must appeal to a broad audience. The website has a list of elements your story must include and must definitely not include.

Stories should be 4,000-8,000 words long and the deadline is 1 September 2015. If you’re successful, payment is $25 (roughly £15).

Shivers and Screams

Splickety magazine are looking for stories for their October issue. To celebrate 2015’s Halloween, they want traditional horror stories using monsters, the paranormal and the supernatural. The editors want you to give them nightmares.

young frankenstein

Stories should be under 1,000 words, preferably around 700 words. Payment is 2c (roughly 1.2p) and the deadline is 24 July 2015. For the submission guidelines and themes for other months, check out the website.

Long fiction for Clarkesworld

Top tier SFF and award-winning magazine Clarkesworld Magazine are on the search for long fiction. Sci-fi stories can be hard or soft, fantasy can be folkloric (love that word), medieval or modern, and horror can be psychological or mythological.

Stories should be 1,000-16,000 words and payment is a whopping 10c (approx.. 6p) per word for the first 5,000 words and 8c (approx. 5p) a word for the rest.

They’re also looking for non-fiction articles! The reading period is ongoing so these new guidelines can go on your list for all your appropriate short story submissions.


I hope something there strikes your fancy and good luck with any submissions!

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