5 fiction opportunities for mid June

Round up! Round up! It’s fiction opportunity time! And this week I have five opportunities for you…


 Paranormal anthology

The publisher Haunts Jaunts is asking for submissions for their new anthology, Shadow People and Cursed Objects. Stories should be about ghosts, haunted objects and the paranormal, but they don’t have to be horror. Paranormal romance and humour is also welcome. The anthology aims to ask readers whether they think the tale is based on a true story or not, so you might want to get your research hat on.

Stories should be no more than 5,000 words. If accepted you get $50 (£31.50 ish) and 10 copies of the book. The closing date is 31 July so quick, quick! More information about the truth behind your story and how to submit is detailed in their guidelines.

Oculus haunted mirror

The mirror from horror film Oculus

Strangeness in dense places

This is one I’ve got my eye on at the moment. A new literary e-zine, Weird City, is looking for fiction submissions. They want your interpretation of ‘strange things in dense places’. The fact that it’s literary got me worried too, but looking at their website I think this can be twisted to fantasy quite easily.

Payment is $50 (£31.50 roughly) and stories should be between 1,500 and 7,500 words.


 Have a random abandoned chapter?

The Anthology of Quitters is looking for those novels you gave up on. They want your first chapter, polished and properly written and edited – don’t just send in your first draft as you left it. Any genre is acceptable but the publishers like funny.

Chapters should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words. Payment is $25 (approx. £15.75) on acceptance and a copy of the finished book. The deadline is a little strange though and detailed as ‘early September’. This might be a good way of making that abandoned book give you some cake money.


Get your skates on for Dimension 6

Dimension 6, a speculative Australian e-zine, is looking for submissions from established and new writers in Australia and abroad. They have a soft spot for science fiction but accept fantasy and horror as long as there’s no fantasy tropes and no gore. So lots of original ideas and only glimpses of your deepest, darkest fears.

Stories should be over 4,500 words and novellas up to 40,000 are accepted but have to be really good. All accepted stories are paid $100 (Australian, which is roughly £63.55 according to Google). But you also get an author page in the mag, so it’s a great promotional exercise.

Sound good? Good. Closing date for this reading period is 30 June 2015. Go! Go! Go!


That deadline isn’t close enough for ya? Try this one

Yeah, I’m sorry about this, but thought I’d share anyway just in case you already have a story that would be perfect.

A brand new digital publication created by Hugo award winners and nominees is in the works. Uncanny will be bi-monthly and focus on SFF that is strong, emotional and belief challenging. Established and new writers are all equally welcome.

Stories should be between 700 and 7,500 words and payment is 8c (that’s about 5p) a word. BUT the deadline is 23 June 2015. (To be fair to me, the submission window only opened yesterday.)


As always, good luck and happy writing!


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