How I did in June

I’ve spent today mostly asleep and reading, recovering from holiday, before work begins again tomorrow. So this post is a little late in the day, but here it is! June is over in two days. How scary is that. The year is now officially over half way through. Time to pick up the pace.

So how did I do over June?

How many words

I’ve decided to include my blog posts in my word counts, because they take time and count towards writing practise. That means my May word count was 9,267 words rather than 6,528.

My June word count (with a holiday in the last week) is 16,477. I think that’s pretty impressive.


Yeah…I didn’t do so well on this one, but I have my reasons for that. I did write fiction and apply for some writing jobs.

My excuses

The latter half of June was spent editing rather than writing. Which, of course, counts but doesn’t add to my word count.

As with May, I’ve spent a lot of June applying for jobs and going to interviews. No luck yet.

And then of course I went on holiday! Hurrah! Our traditional annual Scottish holiday, this time spent near Loch Lomond and a visit to Edinburgh. My hubby proposed to me in Edinburgh five years ago and this holiday we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.

Loch Lomond Copyright Jenny Lewis

Beautiful Loch Lomond.

So now, onto July. We’re welcoming in July with a job interview, a heatwave, summer dresses, Pimms cider and barbeques. Oh, and lots of writing. Obviously.

How was your June?


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