Early July SFF opportunities

The heatwave is over, the rain has returned along with the wind. So I’ve put the summer dresses away again and taken out my notebook to find the deadlines of short story submission calls, competitions and anthologies fast approaching. Eep!

Plus, did you know it’s July? What the hell?!

Anyway, if unlike me you’re wide awake and looking for something new to sink your teeth into, here are three SFF writing opportunities.

Your own monster

Embry Press is looking for monster stories for their new anthology ‘Monster Waiting in the Woods’. These stories should be pure horror, with monsters of any kind, either recycled or (preferably) of your own creation. While the monster must be central to the plot and you’ll need lots of suspense and tension, the backdrop and amount of violence, physical or psychological, is up to you.

Stories should be between 2,000-8,000 words long and payment is $25 (approx. £15.50) plus a digital contributor’s copy. The deadline is 1 September 2015.

Godzilla 2014



Darkfuse Magazine are on the lookout for short stories with a dark slant, be it crime, horror, sci-fi, thriller or just strange.

Stories should be 500-2,000 words to get paid (your stories can be longer but they only pay up to 2,000 words). And payment is a whopping 5c (roughly 3p) a word.


Anticipation and gender

This month’s open submission window for Crossed Genres is on the theme of Anticipation. How do your characters handle waiting? The deadline for this one is 31 July 2015.

And if that one’s too soon for you, August’s call is on the theme of Pronouns and Genders. These have to be about humans, no gender shape shifters or robots searching for their identity.

Payment is a lush 6c (approx. 3.7p) a word along with a print and digital copy of the book their story appears in. The word count is 1,000-6,000 words and you can submit two separate stories each time.
Check out the website for more details on what they want and what will get your story ignored.


Happy writing!


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