4 SFF opportunities for late July and something extra

Oops! Just realised what day it is. I’m having a bit of a week.
Oridinarily I might wait until next week but yesterday I managed to find four great SFF opportunities that end soon before I went downstairs and forgot to write it up *ahem*.

So here they are! Four SFF opportunities for all those writers looking for their next challenge and a little something extra.

Now, hold onto your hats because some of these deadlines are very short notice.

Crossed Genres extend their deadline

Crossed Genres is making an anthology entitled Hidden Youth: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. Stories need a protagonist that is under 18 years old who is marginalised and set in our world or an historical variant before 1935.

Stories need to have a speculative element (fantasy, horror, sci-fi or just weird) while showing how the economics, technology, religion and politics have formed the world your protagonist is marginalised from.

The word limit is 2,000-8,000 and payment is 6c (a very pretty 3.7p ish) a word. And the deadline is 31 July.
Clockwork Phoenix

Well, I think the title is enough. You need more? Ok, this is another anthology, the fifth Clockwork Phoenix anthology which will be packed with speculative fiction such as fantasy, horror, science fiction or a blend.

Like all good stories, they must be daring, brave and packed with feeling. Literary and poetic styles are welcomed as long the story delights and shocks.

Your story should be under 5,000 words and payment is, again, 6c a word. The deadline is 26 July (don’t throw anything at me!).

Clockwork - www.wallpaperup.com

Download this as wallpaper at http://www.wallpaperup.com

Those Diabolical Plots

An e-zine that normally published non-fiction articles about the speculative genre, they decided to start publishing a fiction piece every month at the beginning of this year and have re-opened their submission window.

Stories should be under 2,000 words and can be fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, mystery (with speculative elements) or a blend. Payment is again the fantastic 6c a word (seriously, that’s about £75 for a 2,000 word story).

Only one story per person per submission window and this one closes on 31 July. Check out their website for a list of stuff they love in stories.

New Myths

Feel like I’ve done this one recently but I couldn’t find it, so apologies if I’m repeating myself. This speculative journal has a reading period open for stories and poems with a strong fantasy or sci-fi element.

Stories should be under 10,000 words but payment is fixed at $50 (approx. £31). Poems can be any length and pay $20 (roughly £12.40).

They also publish non-fiction essays that have been brilliantly researched along the themes of facets of mythology, science, lore, basically anything connected to speculative fiction. These can be any length and also pay $50.

The reading period closes 31 July.

And lastly… A Twitter Pitch day!

There are a few of these around and if you’re seeking agent representative for your polished novel, it’s worth having a go. Basically these usually run by having a day where you post a short pitch in a tweet using the appropriate pitch day hashtag and often a genre hashtag. People will retweet them if they like the sound of it, but agents will fave them. If you get a fave, then that agent wants to see your manuscript and you’re in!

Tomorrow (Friday 24 July!), agencies Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh will be holding #PitchCB day for the first time. Tweet your pitch only once using the hashtag #PitchCB on Friday. If one of their agents faves it, submit your work to that agent following their guidelines on their website.

Now, while none of these agents are strictly SFF people, none of them have said they don’t want SFF. Personally, I think it might be worth a shot if your novel has a thriller/mystery edge to it or is YA.


Good luck!

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