Changing your perspective to boost your writing

Friday is the last day of July (hear that weather? It’s July! Stop raining!) so at the end of this week I will confess to how badly I’ve done this month and explain why.

Now, you’ll find out on Friday that I haven’t done a lot of writing this month. There are a number of reasons, one of which is a lack of motivation. We all suffer from it. I often try to shake things up to help kick my brain into gear. Sometimes cleaning up my desk can help. Other times I move my work downstairs but this usually doesn’t work – that’s where the TV, guinea pigs and food are!

Last week I decided it was time to put my redecorating plans into action in our spare room where I do my writing and this weekend I got started. Yesterday I dragged hubby upstairs to help me move heavy bookcases into the middle of the room. Then I pulled my desk to join them and went to bed.

But this morning I turned on my laptop to write a couple of articles and sat down at my desk in the middle of the room, surrounded by piles of paper yet to be sorted, a rolled up rug and books piled randomly on bookcases that were just a little too close. The sun came out for all of five minutes and warmed my face, lighting up my desk in a way I haven’t seen before (my desk usually lives next to the window so I can see out but the sun doesn’t hit it).

Scotland copyright Jenny Lewis

The kind of perspective I would prefer 😉 Loch Ness on our annual Scottish trip last year.

I tapped away at my keyboard like a thing possessed. I wasn’t tempted to check the internet, or even go downstairs to pester my hubby who’s on leave this week. Two articles and a chocolate biscuit later, I’m done and ready to start painting my walls.

Changing your perspective when writing can help refresh your creative thoughts and re-motivate you. It’s a well-known thing. Many writers take their work to the library or local coffee shop. What I’m saying it, sometimes just moving your desk to a different part of the room can do the trick beautifully.

I’m off to paint before I get down to some fiction. Happy writing! And if you’re struggling, get up and pull your desk out.


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