Hello September and a hiatus

I didn’t post at all in August. So what I’m about to say probably won’t come as a shock.

Things have changed. Like they do.

On Saturday 8 August, my second guinea piggy passed away after a brave battle against his failing heart. He was five years old and one month, and our loudest piggy. The house is ridiculously quiet, especially whenever vegetables are cut up in the kitchen.

Wizzy copyright Jenny Lewis

So our little family of five is now a smaller family of three, and we’re left with just one gorgeous little guinea pig. He suffered the loss of his best friend just as we did and developed an infection. Yet another trip to the vets, another hefty vet bill and 10 days of antibiotics. Thankfully our little boy loves antibiotics (he lives for food) so he literally lapped up his meds.

So August sucked.

September has started off reasonably well, apart from a really bad cold that meant I had to cancel a job interview. Yesterday we revisited the vets. My baby’s infection has cleared up but he’s still a bit poorly. But as long as he’s happy, eating and being normal, we’re doing okay. The mostly all clear from the vets was followed by my first day in a new job today.

I want to concentrate on my fiction writing. The full time job helps me with a routine, but with that routine and my last, remaining, wonderful little piggy to spend time with (and all those words of fiction, of course) I just won’t have time for this blog.

So that’s that. It’s not goodbye, just goodbye for now. Good luck with all your writing endeavours and see you when I see you.

Diddles copyright Jenny Lewis

My beautiful boy and his breakfast of champions


2 responses to “Hello September and a hiatus

  1. Aaww, I’ll miss you! Good luck with the fiction writing. Sorry for your loss – and kisses to remaining guinea pig. xx

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